Brianna Defilippis

What wakes this world up?

No one really knows how and when this world wake up.

But when you walk out to the Lujiazui finance zone in Shanghai, to the wall street in New York City at 7 AM, you meet people in suit briskly go to their security offices, dreaming of controlling and changing the world’s economy; you see kids in neat school uniform waiting for buses, their innocent faces feeling curious about every grown-up things.

Obviously, people wake up because of the world they care about, and certain amount of social connections, dreams that push them to work hard, and people who encourage them to be better. I waked up the other day. Outside the window is a beautiful sunrise. I missed a lot of sunrises since I sleep late. What’s worse is, I would open my facebook and see what’s anything new. That day I saw Brianna’s new post. She had to work at 7:00 and was ill at the same time.

Being responsible is not required in all the cases. However it’s a very personalized mission, that if I as a student don’t finish my home works or study hard, what’s my purpose of coming here far away from home? If I as a New London resident don’t think and help this community, who else will help people that have trouble dealing with their problems(it’s actually our SIFE club community center project). If I as a son at my family don’t bring anything good to my parents, grandparents and brother, who else could replace my role?

And this is a call at every morning, that something must be done by myself, and that what I do will make a difference.

Few hours ago I saw a post from Brianna.

No matter if you know this girl as I do or not, you would have to think, and you might be impressed and wanna cry.  Thanks to God we all have great lives, so it’s becoming our missions to actually do something for others suffering from illness, poverty, etc. And this help, for some people, is the best thing to imagine.

Same affection and generosity comes when Brianna gives a ride to my roommate because she worried about a foreigner would get lost in this unfamiliar country. She seems so happy and can’t wait to show around her place. She tried to take care of herself and help people as that she wants breathe. Not any girl I have seen before would drive to school, do schools works and help others when she is seriously ill, barely breath.

Thank you for the trip to Hanover.. and pushing me to deal with the gas! I am just gonna do it myself next time at the gas station!




Keep Calm&Carry on..!

At least you wake up someone who adores you and could only to spend the whole day without cellphone,facebook but with you




You wake up the world











Please help, friends..I owe you one! Brianna Defilippis